About us

Sri Lanka has been known for its high quality spices for centuries, even before the island was ever known as Sri Lanka. The geography, location and local climate have culminated in the abundance of a rich, rare blend of spices that is a legacy in itself. The various applications of these spices in local cuisine, medicine, etc., throughout history, have virtually ingrained them into the Sri Lankan heritage.

Established in 1993, Spice of Life (Pvt.) Ltd., is a premier trading house, dedicated to dealing in the finest Sri Lankan spices. We are an ISO 22000 : 2005 certified company, presently exporting goods worth USD25 million on average, annually. Spice of Life products are shipped to worldwide markets including India, Singapore, Europe, USA, Middle East and Africa. All raw spices are checked for quality at the point of procurement from local producers, and processed thereafter to international standards at our facilities. The finished product is finally surveyed at our in-house lab before it is ready for export. Further surveys for weight and quality are conducted by independent survey companies at the point of shipment.

Quality and service is the cornerstone of our philosophy and dynamic, which continues to drive the growth of the organization.

Our aim at Spice of Life (Pvt.) Ltd., is to serve as an ambassador of this legacy. We understand that we are dealing with more than just a commodity, and seek to use our expertise and experience to provide the best possible service, at the highest standards, to carry forward not just the legacy of our establishment, but that of the ‘Spice of Life’ as well.

Our guarantee of quality

All-natural Spice of Life products are selected, packed and shipped in conformity with the highest standards of freshness and quality. Checks carried out under ISO 22000 : 2005 food-safety-management rules ensure that all our products can be enjoyed with full confidence.

Spice of Life is a subsidiary company of the Adam Group 

Presidential Export Awards

Spice of Life (pvt) ltd was ranked as the country's largest exporter for spice and allied products for 2012 and 2013 by the Export Development Board, Sri Lanka.

All incoming and outgoing spice raw materials are checked for quality by a ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified accredited laboratory operating under Spice of Life (pvt) Ltd

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